Microsoft Certification DP-100 Renewal Experience

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3 min readJul 26, 2021


Few days ago, I received an email reminder from Microsoft that three of my Azure Data exams, i.e. DP-100, AI-100, and DP-200/DP-201 were going to expire soon! The criteria for Microsoft certification renewal include:

  1. Certification must not be the fundamental exams (AZ-900, DP-900, and alike are not eligible. Those are valid forever.)
  2. Certification will expire within six months

I went over to Renewal for Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate — Learn | Microsoft Docs, and I was asked to take the renewal assessment.

An example of the certification triggered and warned for renewal

The process is completely FREE! The prior process is to take the exam again in which you need spend more $$$. I absolutely love how Microsoft “advocates for learners to have a continuous learning mindset. This key principle is critical because cloud technologies are rapidly changing and it’s important to keep your skills current.” The renewal assessment is a set of questions that evaluates up-to-date knowledge and skills currently aligned to the certification. Learners must pass to extend their certification. They are eligible to take the assessment anytime in the six months prior to their certification expiring.

The number of questions varies by each exam. Do expect ~30 questions or more. This is not a proctored exam, so you can open your book/google while answering questions. I did not go out of norm in preparation; I concentrated on skills measured in renewal assessment. In DP-100, I should be familiar with:

  • Introduction to the Azure Machine Learning SDK
  • Train a machine learning model with Azure Machine Learning
  • Work with Data in Azure Machine Learning
  • Work with Compute in Azure Machine Learning
  • Orchestrate machine learning with pipelines
  • Deploy real-time machine learning services with Azure Machine Learning
  • Monitor models with Azure Machine…



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