Learn Tips & Tricks to Embellish Your GitHub Profile

Add your GitHub profile tells people the story of your work through the repositories, contributions, and conversations

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What is a GitHub Profile?

GitHub Profile “tells people the story of your work through the repositories you’re interested in, the contributions you’ve made, and the conversations you’ve had.

You can add personal information about yourself in your bio, like previous places you’ve worked, projects you’ve contributed to, or interests you have that other people may like to know about.”

About your profile — GitHub Docs

Example of GitHub Profile
Check out my GitHub profile >>> korkridake (Kyle Akepanidtaworn) (github.com)

How to Manage Your Profile README

GitHub will display your profile README on your profile page if all of the following are true.

  • You’ve created a repository with a name that matches your GitHub username.
  • The repository is public.
  • The repository contains a file named README.md in its root.
  • The README.md file contains any content.

If you meet all the requirements, the following message will display: “username/username is special!” You can share to profile as you wish.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

In order to create an amazing README.md, you should get familiar with Markdown and learn how to control the display of the document; formatting words as bold or italic, adding images, and creating lists etc.



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