How to Provide a Strong Feedback with F.A.S.T. Framework?

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2 min readJun 9, 2021

In my time of professional or academic life, I am always blessed to receive feedback from my peers and colleagues to help me grow in the area I am weak at. Meaningful feedback is powerful and allows me to rethink my current approach or pivot to an alternate course of action. Let me introduce “F.A.S.T” feedback to you. This is a framework that supports the performance planning, learning and review cycle. Do you know what it takes to provide constructive feedback and what characteristics of feedback should be there?

F.A.S.T Feedback

Strong feedback has 4 characteristics:

  • Feed-forward —Feedback should focus on goals and the future.


✔️ Implementing this feedback will help you do better on the next peer review assignment.

✔️ Making these changes will help you code faster, so you will be a more efficient programmer.

✔️You do not have to be afraid of sharing out your opinion in a large group presentation, in this way, you are making your voices heard and become a better leader with stronger impact.

❌ Think about this feedback carefully.

❌ You should make these changes.

  • Actionable — Feedback should be specific, useful, and provide actionable information.

✔️ I like how you answered the question in two paragraphs: one way to improve it can be …

✔️ Please limit your answer to 2 paragraphs of 5–8 sentences each.

✔️ You commented on the business’s financial position but didn’t include supporting data. Include specific charts of profitability and liquidity to support your argument.

❌ Good job!

❌ This is too long.

❌ Your chart isn’t noticeably clear.

  • Succinct — Feedback should be clear-cut and straightforward to make a significant, positive difference. Do not make your feedback long-winded and too lengthy.
  • Timely — Feedback should be quick and timely. The sooner, the better!

In conclusion, “F.A.S.T” represents feedback that is “feed-forward, actionable, succinct, and timely.” I urge everyone to supply strong feedback and encourage a culture of strong feedback! Together, we help one another grow and achieve a profound impact wherever it may be!

Feedback is a gift!


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